The Prose Engine

The web is becoming bloated. We're here to change that. The Prose Engine is a content management system (CMS) that's sleek, fast, elegant and easy to use. It's designed to power information-rich websites that use text to generate traffic and revenue.

Ultimately, it's all about words. We've been writing for the web since 1994 and building successful, content-driven websites since 1998. Everything we've learned in that time has gone into The Prose Engine. We're a team of writers who can code and coders who can write.

Our CMS takes your text content and generates optimised pages that work well for search engines and readers alike. Unlike most content management systems, it has none of the bloat you don't need - just the features you do.

The Prose Engine lets you build fast, responsive websites based on open web standards. Content can be contributed by any number of writers, all managed by editors and administrators. The CMS is entirely browser-based and you can access it from any web-enabled computer, tablet or phone.

Our code is secure, robust and scalable, just as suitable for sites with millions of visitors as those with a few thousand. Powerful indexing, scheduling and search tools are built-in. The Prose Engine can deliver W3C-valid content that can be accessed using any web browser.

We can do amazing things with your words, things that simply aren't possible with bloated, general-purpose content management systems.

The Prose Engine is not available as a stand-alone package. It's part of a solution we provide, tailored to suit the specific requirements of individual sites. It's currently being used to build and run a portfolio of content-driven websites that launched in 2017.

Visit Ministry of Prose to find out more about the people who designed, built and continue to maintain and improve The Prose Engine. You can contact us through that site with any queries.

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